Elaine Haag Designs
  Master Artisan 

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Each Elaine Haag Design is an original, custom, wearable art by a process called Nuno felting.  Nuno felting combines fine silk and natural fibers, merino wool, mulberry silk, banana silk just to name a few.  Using only water, soap, and hands-on agitation until the fibers bond to the silk creating a magical transformation.  Nuno felting has become my passion in this fibrous chapter of my life.

I put a great deal of thought, energy, heart, and soul into creating an eye-catching, luxurious fashion statement.  I want the people who wear my designs to feel spectacular and to know they will not see another piece like theirs on anyone else.


 My desire is to share my Nuno felt passion by creating high quality, lasting pieces for many to enjoy.